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Re: [IP] Looking forward........

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> become extrememly tired of eating. Seems really
> strange, but now I eat because I have to because of
> the NPH. I'm hoping I don't have to worry about eating
> every two hours when me and my pump get working
> together. Are any other diabetics just plain tired of
> eating?

I know exactly how you feel.  Right before I got my pump I had gained about
25 pounds because I had to keep eating to get my b/s #'s right.  If I took
less insulin because of the lows, then I would go to high I would take more
insulin and go low again.  I was dropping extremely low in the middle of the
nights so then I would have to eat right before I went to bed.  NOW with the
pump I can skip breakfast (I never was a breakfast person) and I eat very
little for lunch and I hardly ever eat anything before I go to bed.  I am
finally starting to enjoy food again because I don't have to force myself to
eat anything, I can eat when I want.  The pump was the best decision I ever
made, and I have to agree with everyone else when I say, "I wish I would
have done it sooner".  I wish you the best of luck, I guarantee you will
enjoy life (and food) alot more with the pump.

Carrie (blue Flux Capacitor operating on 0.9 jigawatts/hr)

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