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Re: [IP] Looking forward........

Leslie wrote:

>>Just wondering if anyone else thinks like this. Since
dealing with diabetes for the past 5 years (I fall
into the Type weird that's been mentioned) I have
become extrememly tired of eating. Seems really
strange, but now I eat because I have to because of
the NPH. I'm hoping I don't have to worry about eating
every two hours when me and my pump get working
together. Are any other diabetics just plain tired ofeating?<<


I've been Type 1 for 37 years.  I also had grown tired of eating because I
never had a chance to get hungry, I ate because I had to or it was the right
time... Now, I've been on my pump for 4 1/2 months and for the first time I
HAVE FELT HUNGER!  Yep, that's right, tummy growling, gurgling HUNGER!  And,
I can check my bg at that time and it's 102 or so, so I know I'm not low.
Wow, this has been a wonderful experience for me, so now I eat when I'm
HUNGRY or because I just want to, but never because I HAVE to for the NPH.
It is truly freedom!  You're gonna love it!

RoseLea (and Max)

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