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Re: [IP] Insulin Pump Insertion

"Handsfield, James H." wrote:

> Lurline [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
> > I have decided to have the Mini Med pump installed sometime shortly
> > after 1 October.  It has been a very difficult decision for me but I
> > shall go ahead with it.
> Yes, it can be a difficult decision.  Change itself can be difficult.  But
> the pump won't be "installed".  You will be trained how to use it, including
> inserting the cannula, priming the infusion set, etc.  Did you not receive a
> training video with the pump?  If not, I suggest you call MiniMed
> (818)362-5958, explain your situation, and request the video along with the
> full information packet.
> > I was just thinking, last night my cat bit the wire that I have on the
> > ear jack to my radio while I was sleeping.  What will happen if she
> > does that with the pump installed?
> Then you'll have to change the infusion set.  There was some discussion
> about this a few months ago - you might check the archives.
> > Perhaps as a type 2 it won't make any difference if it is not
> > connected for a while as I don't need Insulin all day long.
> > Any help will be appreciated.
> These are all excellent question, Lurline.  Write them down and discuss them
> with your pump trainer.
> Jim Handsfield
> Thank  you very much for the courteous reply.  I suppose the term attached is
> better than installed.

I do have the video and a work book.  This will be done in the hospital where I
shall stay for a couple of days while the unit is adjusted.
Thank again.

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