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Re: [IP] success with sofset and other problems...

>In a message dated 9/29/00 9:02:29 AM, email @ redacted writes:
><< Also, I just discovered Eileen has been lying about testing at school
><<I checked her meter, stupid me, not to have done it before, and noticed no
>checks for the last 2 or 3 days! When confronted, she said she wouldn´t do
>it again and of course I told her I would be checking her meter everyday. I
>also discovered a while back she was doing the same thing with the pump. She
>would sneak snacks and bolus without telling me. Found out by checking her
>pump boluses. >>

PLease congratulate her and give her very much positive reinforcement for
bolusing for her snacks!  She's doing just what she is susposed to do.
Hopefully this positive feedback will encourage her to test more.

As for not testing; it's against human nature to injure ourselves.  She
can't be blamed for this behaviour.  Please don't get angry with her - that
will screw her up and may make her more rebellious.  I suggest explaining
over and over, how important it is for her to test.  Ask her many
open-ended questions about this.  Could be that she really minds the
testing; or is embarassed about doing it in front of others.  Maybe she's
feed up with the whole testing thing.  These are valid feelings.  I've
found the best fix is to encourage her to vent her negative feelings about
this and make her realize testing is necessary and so is venting about what
a pain it is - or whatever it is that's bothering her about it.

Too many times a child is told directly or thru body language that "testing
doesn't hurt" etc.  That "its nothing" or that DM is "just a minor
inconvenience" etc.  This tells the kid to keep her feelings locked up and
to feel *ashamed* about any negative feelings she has towards her diabetes.
This will lead to trouble.

I was thru all this crap and took years to get my head straightend out.

Type I since age 9 in 1974.  (In my fifth year of fighting the doctors for
a pump trial).


Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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