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Re: [IP] bolusing into sofset & customer service

<And the fact that a large bolus
  is painful would be an indication that something isn't right.  Please talk
  to a pump educator about this.>

I am going to risk sending this out from work and blowing people away with
HTML.  But I feel like I need to point out something.  According to my
CDE/pump trainer, some people with Disentronic and Animas experience a
burning sensation when they inject large boluses.  I have personally
experienced this just once.  I was told it is due to the speed of the bolus.
People with MM do not experience this.  (And I never did when I had MM)  I
have talked to people on the D and they experience the burning everytime
they do a large bolus. (greater than 8 or so) The solution that they use is
to break it up into two or more smaller boluses.  

I have also been told that two or more smaller bolus will have better
absorbtion than one large bolus.



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