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[IP] Chocoholic

 SNIP>>>>>>>Sera Said"  there is no need for you to suffer because of
judgmentalism about "addictive" drugs. You do what you need to -- just
think of how "addictive" insulin is to the person who needs it!!!!<<<<<<SNIP

Thanks, Sera, you are right and I am over sensitive to "addictive".  My
mother died a practicing alcoholic, my daughter is a recovering Coke Addict
(15 years clean- hooray!), two grandparents alcoholics and a brother an
alcoholic in denial (who also has Alzheimers-wonderful combination?!) so I
know that gene is lurking in my system.  So far it has only been seen around
Chocolate.   I am scared of addiction, but at this point, I am more scared
of dying of lack of sleep.   I will check WebMD again, and the RLS
foundation.  Just wondered if anyone had any "new and wonderful
non-addictive" pharmceutical relief.  I have read that it often associated
with diabetes.

Thanks for the input all!  Back to the Doc I go.  

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