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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #517

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From: "Barb Gierscher" <email @ redacted>

> My husband & I purchased a hot tub last year and we use it every evening -
> how does anyone deal with the pump and a situation like that?

I diconnect when going into a hot tub.  I do not sit in them very long, 20
AT THE MOST, it gets to hot in there for me.   I was told by my Doc that you
can disconnect for up to an hour, and i have never had any problems.

> I realize that many of you are testing quite often in a day - I test 3
> a day - with lunchtime the one that I miss.  I work in an office, and we
> share a bathroom with other companies - it is not a very private bathroom,
> and my desk is in the open - how do you accomplish all this testing?

I test 8 times a day, sometimes more depending on the kind of day i am
having.  I test anywhere, in restaurants, in the office, in public
bathrooms, while driving.  It is something i do to keep me happy so if there
is someone out there who doesn't like it, and it bothers them, they can just
look away.  Same as when i was taking shots, i would do them were ever i
was.  As it turns out i was at the mall about a month ago and seem a young
kid in the food court, checking his blood and taking a shot, and noone
looked at him funny or said anything to him.  I think there are more people
today who are more educated about the disease and so they know what and why
people are doing this kind of stuff in public.  So don't be embarrassed to
check your blood at work or in the bathroom, it is what you have to do to
keep yourself health, why should anyone be ashamed of that.

And good luck with the pump if you decide to go with it, i've had mine for
about 2 months now and i would never give it up to go back to shots, my b/s
#'s have never, never been as good as they are now.

Just my opinion,


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