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[IP] new user questions (was RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #517)

>My husband & I purchased a hot tub last year and we use it every evening -
>how does anyone deal with the pump and a situation like that?

This depends widely on the person. You will not want to wear the pump
into the hot tub because the high heat will ruin the insulin still in
the pump. You can easily disconnect with most types of infusion set.
Now, how much insulin you want to take (or not take) before getting in
or after getting out will be a very individual thing. But if you search
through the archives you will find a lot of information about how other
people have dealt with this, that could give you a starting point of
things to try. My hubby Shane for example simply disconnects, hot tubs,
gets out, reconnects. No extra insulin or food adjustments needed for

>I work in an office, and we share a bathroom with other companies - it is not >a very private bathroom, and my desk is in the open - how do you accomplish >all this testing?

I think you will be hearing from a lot of people on this one :)  They
are going to tell you that you should be able to test right at your
desk, or in the lunchroom, or wherever without hiding in the bathroom.
Sara SP for example is going to say something along the lines of be
proud, be loud, and something else I forget at the moment... :-) 
Really, I think with today's small meters, you will find that as long as
you aren't waving your bloody finger around in everyone's face, most
people aren't even going to be aware you are doing anything. Or if you
really are uncomfortable with people seeing, you could try sitting at
your desk with the testing equip in your lap. Then most people wouldn't
see it behind the desk. Whatever you decide to do, you are right that
you will need to test more often, especially when you first start
pumping. Going all day at work without ever doing a test is not a good
Good luck with pumping!
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