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RE: [IP] bolusing into sofset & customer service

I don't understand this question....Are you not bolusing using your pump?
And you're wanting to insert a syringe or something into the infusion set to
bolus?  I'm confused....

Lea Idlewine (pumping since 12/99; diabetic since 1980)

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Subject: [IP] bolusing into sofset & customer service

I am aware that you can bolus into a sil/comfort/tender, but I was wondering
if you can bolus into a soft-set. I occasionally eat a meal that requires a
8 units bolus (I am on a 1:10 ratio and the Jewish Holidays are coming up so
I plan to eat apples, challah, and honey alot) and have been using my H pen
to do so, but if my set is a happy set, can I possibly bolus into the set
with my pen?

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