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[IP] bolusing into sofset & customer service

I am aware that you can bolus into a sil/comfort/tender, but I was wondering
if you can bolus into a soft-set. I occasionally eat a meal that requires a
8 units bolus (I am on a 1:10 ratio and the Jewish Holidays are coming up so
I plan to eat apples, challah, and honey alot) and have been using my H pen
to do so, but if my set is a happy set, can I possibly bolus into the set
with my pen?

Also, I tested both D and MM to compare customer service to see who sent
more and sent them faster. (I use a D pump with MM soft-sets or sils if need
be). My skin irritation and site discomfort is back (my insurance refuses to
pay for my allergy meds so the systemic itchies, site flare-ups, and hives
are back)and was driving me nuts (a set was lasting only 24 hours and I am
still at war with my state, they will not cover supplies unless I'm pregant)
and I was too broke at months end to buy Tegaderm so I called and explained
the site problems I was having to both pump makers, using the exact same
words, and asked for samples to help me alleviate the irritation and for
better ways to sandwhich sets. Both companies did great!

D sent me 3 Tegaderm, 3 Tegaderm HP and 3 IV3000, 3 tenders w/ tubing and 3
cannulas. Arrived next day

MM sent me 6 Bard skin preps, 6 betadine preps, 3 Polyskin, and 9 Tegaderm
HP.Arrived the day after the other supplies.

Overall, both compamies quick service impressed me and I am glad to have the
chance to try Bard and Polyskin. Hopefully I'll find the combination that
works to keep my sites happy and secure:) Both passed the test with flying

Happily Pumping since 2/7/00
Last HbA1C-  4.8
Type 1 (this week, next week they may change it again;)

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