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[IP] Foot troubles

I am having a really bizarre problem with my toe, and I am wondering if 
anyone else has experienced this.  About a week ago, my big toe had a red 
line on it and was slightly bothering me.  I thought I had scratched it.  I 
went to Mass on a vacation and within 4 days the redness spread and half of 
my toe was swollen and really bad looking.  The weird thing is I feel no 
pain.  I showed it to my Mom and she had me put neosporin on it.  I live in 
Cali and have Kaiser insurance, and there ae no Kaiser facilities in Mass so 
thats why I didn't go to the doctor.  It continued to get more swollen and 
the neosporin caused it to drain a bit.  A good friend of mine looked at it 
and she immediately flipped out and said my toe didn't feel anything because 
the cells are dead.  She was very worried and had me go to urgent care at the 
hospital.  After waiting for 5 hours a Dr came in and saw me for less than 5 
minutes.  He told me they could give me antibiotics or take off my toenail.  
Obviously I voted for the antibiotics.  He said it was an ingrown 
toenail...which is completely wrong...it didn't start near the toenail, and I 
know how much that can hurt.  I began taking the antibiotics and my toe does 
look less swollen, and it is draining.  But I am wondering why the heck it 
happened in the first place.  It looks like it should hurt A LOT  and I 
really don't feel any pain at all...
Any advice?
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