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Re: [IP] success with sofset and other problems...

In a message dated 9/29/00 9:02:29 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Also, I just discovered Eileen has been lying about testing at school 
<<I checked her meter, stupid me, not to have done it before, and noticed no 
checks for the last 2 or 3 days! When confronted, she said she wouldn´t do 
it again and of course I told her I would be checking her meter everyday. I 
also discovered a while back she was doing the same thing with the pump. She 
would sneak snacks and bolus without telling me. Found out by checking her 
pump boluses. >>

Yvonne, I admire you parents of pumpers so much, and congratulate you on how 
well you're doing!  Having gone through my childhood (in the 50s) without 
very much parental participation (of course, there weren't the tools then), I 
wish I could have had the kind of control that is sometimes possible today 
with educated help.  But I worry about the message some kids may be getting 
about the need for perfection, now that something a whole lot closer to but 
still a long way from perfection is possible.

What struck me about your post was that your daughter IS bolusing for snacks, 
which is appropriate behavior in general for a pumper.  I assume you feel you 
need to have full information about this in order to be taking these 
variables into account, but don't overlook the fact that the bolusing shows 
that she has gotten the idea that diabetics need insulin for processing food, 
and the worse behavior for her health would be to be "sneaking" snacks and 
not bolusing.  

Linda Z
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