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[IP] success with sofset and other problems...

Hi everyone

Finally, I think Iīm going to have success with the Sils or Tenders. 
Inserted Wednesday afternoon and it still in! Sofsets were coming off after 
24 hours.

My computer was acting up yesterday, I sent some emails in reply to some 
people that were asking about the local anesthetic (spray) I used before 
inserting the sil on Eileen. Itīs name is Roxicaine and it looks much like 
to one dentists use on our mouth to numb before sticking that gigantic 
anesthesia needle into our mouth! I donīt know if it can be bought in the 
States, as I live in Dominican Republic. Surely, there is something similar, 
mine is over the counter, no prescription. Itīs really good but has to be 
applied at least 30-45 mins. before. This is just in case me emails werenīt 

Also, I just discovered Eileen has been lying about testing at school before 
lunch. Has this happened to any other parents and how do we deal with this? 
I checked her meter, stupid me, not to have done it before, and noticed no 
checks for the last 2 or 3 days! When confronted, she said she wouldnīt do 
it again and of course I told her I would be checking her meter everyday. I 
also discovered a while back she was doing the same thing with the pump. She 
would sneak snacks and bolus without telling me. Found out by checking her 
pump boluses. Am very surprised, never thought she would do these things, 
after all the talking and education we have given her. I do understand sheīs 
just a kid. My husband flipped out and threatened to take away her pump if 
she doesnīt start taking more care. Any advice would be appreciated.
Sorry for this being so long.

Eileeīnīs mom
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