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[IP] help asap

Help!  An hour and a half ago, I took Alllie's bs.  It was 565(fasttake, 
429(accucheck), 474(fasttake).  We just had a site change tonight.  But 
didn't really take her sugars when we changed the site, it was hurting - that 
is why we changed it.  Anyway, she took the site off, took a shower, piddled 
around and then changed the site.  Also she forgot to prime the .5 units for 
the cannula.  So she is asleep and I checked and the numbers above are what I 
got.  Sure I was shocked, but when I thought about how long she probably 
didn't have it on and plus forgetting the prime, I said okay, lets fix it.  I 
decided to bolus 5.  She normally takes 1 unit to drop 80, but she has been 
somewhat resistant lately, plus she is in the middle of puberty so can't 
figure out what is going on.  Well I go in to see how her bs is coming and 
this is what I get:  162(fasttake), 161(accucheck), 148 (fasttake),  Okay now 
I'm flipping.  It has only been an hour and a half!  Can someone tell me how 
much is still in your systerm after 2 hours, and what about 3?  Should I get 
her up and feed her now?  I am scared she is going to crash.

Please email me privately if you are on the ip list, because I get the 
digest.  Thanks a bunch!  Guess I'm in for a long night! :(

mom to Allie 12, dx'd 8/98 and pumping 12/99
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