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Re: [IP] Restless Leg Syndrome


Learn a little more about people each day - didn't know you have RLS.
email @ redacted wrote:
> Oh yes, I know about RLS -- have had it for as long as I can remember!
> First off, don't let the "addictive" drug label scare you. Research
> shows that when people use these drugs for legitimate purposes, they
> don't typically become addicted to them -- you're NOT abusing the drug!!

I don't have any problems personally with RLS, but a friend of mine
does.  It can be a very fine line between useing emough to work and
abusing.  My friend had a couple of things that were a detriment to
being put on medications for RLS.  He was an alcoholic and addict in
recovery and that information was in his medical history...  
When I last heard from him, the statement was "diabetes is the least of
my worries"... He got in the cycle of "it's not working take more" - and
it got to the point of being excessive so "away goes the medication"...

> Bonnie, there is no need for you to suffer because of societal
> judgmentalism about "addictive" drugs. You do what you need to -- just
> think of how "addictive" insulin is to the person who needs it!!!!

The comment brings up for me a non "PC" thought... Wonder if many people
who "don't take care" of their diabetes are "simply" refusing
Jim S.
email @ redacted

Wading through the swamp, though scary, might be easier than spending 
a lifetime attempting to find a way around it...
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