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Re: [IP] Restless Leg Syndrome

Bonnie Richardson wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience with Restless Leg Syndrome?  I may have
> asked about this last year, can't remember.  I have been on .5 mg
> Clonzapam/nightly for a couple of  years, started taking one then a few
> months ago found I needed 1/5 and on occasion needed 2.   Found out it was a
> "Class II" addictive type drug when the pharmacy would not let me fill Rx
> ahead of schedule.  Called Doc and wanted to be weaned off of it (addictive
> drugs scare me).   I am having no success getting off of it.  Every other
> night I end up with 3-4 hours sleep and the other nights I end up with 5-6
> hours sleep.   This lack of sleep is taking its toll.

Oh yes, I know about RLS -- have had it for as long as I can remember!

First off, don't let the "addictive" drug label scare you. Research
shows that when people use these drugs for legitimate purposes, they
don't typically become addicted to them -- you're NOT abusing the drug!!

I take Diazepam, which is a relative of Clonazepam, and I use very small
doses, and they WORK. Sometimes when the RLS is very bad, I use 2 pills
(4 mg.), but most of the time, 1 pill (2 mg.) does the trick. And when
I'm not having problems, I don't use it at all, with no withdrawal

Second, there is a group called the RLS Foundation, 819 Second Street
SW, Rochester, MN 55902-2985, which can send you information about RLS.
They have pamphlets and books available. I'm pretty sure they also have
a website, but don't know the URL offhand. 

Bonnie, there is no need for you to suffer because of societal
judgmentalism about "addictive" drugs. You do what you need to -- just
think of how "addictive" insulin is to the person who needs it!!!!


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