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Re: [IP] Bad few days... wait, weeks..

<part of original post>
<Last time I was there his wife threw my glucose meter in the trash and
told my son I was their worse patient. (looking back on it I can't
believe I put up with that) Can't easily change endos. either because I
can't find any pump Dr.s close to home and don't want to do the long
drive esp in the winter.>

Hi Carol,

How ridiculous is that? Did this endo (or his wife) take lessons from
Bobby Knight? I'm sorry, I would intensify my search for a new endo.
I've had nice endos that just didn't get it--not realizing for example
that testing my bgs multiple times a day was actually NOT an
inconvenience, but a great help in how I felt each day; but I've never
had nasty ones. I can put up with slightly behind-the-times endos, but
not with what you've got.

Obviously I've only heard one side of the story (yours), but if it's
even close to accurate, I'd never go there again except to ask that your
records be transferred to your new endo. Where do you live? And can
someone else on this list help with recommendations of a new endo?

I only go to my endo 2-3 times a year, just to "check in" and get some
tests done, etc. I would think that you could avoid the winter months
for the most part--but PLEASE do yourself a favor and try to get a new
endo!! No one should have to put up with someone who throws your meter
in the trash!!

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