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[IP] new pumper-going well, so far

hi everyone!!!
just had to thank you all for all the well wishes for starting my pump! i
started pumping (mm 508) yesterday at 1:00. i was SO nervous about the
needle (i'm using the soft sert micros) i got myself all worked up-for
nothing! it was a breeze! of course, i'm using the soft serter but once i
get over my 'needle hangup" i plan on doing it manually, just to know i can
in case i break the thing.:) my basils are being started at .2  and we'll
see how it goes. i know i still probably have some lente in my system, so i
start testing my nitetime basils tonite after we're sure it's out. (36 hours
after last injection).
i woke up with a bg of 93!!!!! i couldn't believe it! that after sleeping a
full 12 hours (i was really worked up). i know, don't get too excited,
things will change. i'm 256 right now but i think i had too much milk in my
on a good note, my "awesome, patient,super-woman' pump trainer, fern, said
she's never put anyone on the pump 7 weeks after diagnosis. i said i don't
think i would have if it wasn't for this list, and gave her the url so she
could pass it along to all her new pumping people. so thank you , all of
you! i know i sound really high strung right now, but i'm so excited about
getting on with my life! she said she loves the pump book and was glad i've
read it 20 times already-i'll be following that.
i just sit here and click out .1 every half hour..... just waiting to work
on basils :)
thanks again!!!!
leann and peppie la pump
email @ redacted

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