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[IP] Duration of butt sites

Hi Pam,
The high sugars after 36-40 hours were our "plague" for the first 3 months
of Jenna's using the insulin pump.  Michael told us about the mix of
Velosulin and Humalog - 1 part Velosulin (which is NovoNordisk's buffered
Regular insulin) to 5 parts of Humalog in the insulin cartridge - and it
worked like a charm for Jenna.  We now get 3 days regularly from all her
sites (which are almost exclusively butt sites, 'cause she hates the stomach
sites, and they don't work well for her gymnastics anyways).  No one knows
why the mix works, but there are a significant number of people on the IP
site who have the same problem, and have found that this works.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

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