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[IP] Re: Fasting

Yerachmiel Altman wrote:

>I am interested in how one deals with a long term fast with little or no
>or drink.  I have found that I can be OK for the first 18-20 hours but at
>point I have to lower my basal to about half of it's normal until end of

>I don't think this is due to my basals for that time of day being set wrong
>because it doesn't seem to matter whether fast in winter (which ends at
>5:30) or summer (which could end close to 9:00).  I also don't have a
>if I eat a normal lunch and then skip dinner.

    I was planning to test my basels on a fast day, seems that my plans are
    Almost a year ago I fasted, while still on MDI, & I did take my usual
Long acting in the morning (13 units of         Lente), & my BG's were fine
until afternoon when it started going up a little, perhaps it's another

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Co-Executive Director
Jewish Diabetes Association

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