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[IP] bloody sils!

Shane is having a problem with his sils/tenders/comforts. They are just
great except if he lays on the site. He likes to sleep on his side and
sometimes rolls over and lays on the site. Then the site gets all
bruised, with blood all over in the cannua and even the tape, and
overall icky looking... It does NOT affect his blood sugars tho, the
site keeps working fine. But the holes in his tummy take longer to heal.
This happens only if he lays on the site, and it always happens when he
lays on the site (so I don't think its an occasional "vein nicking"
thing). He does not want to insert at a shallower angle (see my posts on
burning sensation a few months ago). Any other suggestions? At this
point we are hoping the ultraflex will help with this, and just living
with this small annoyance until then...
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