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[IP] Restless Leg Syndrome

Does anyone have any experience with Restless Leg Syndrome?  I may have
asked about this last year, can't remember.  I have been on .5 mg
Clonzapam/nightly for a couple of  years, started taking one then a few
months ago found I needed 1/5 and on occasion needed 2.   Found out it was a
"Class II" addictive type drug when the pharmacy would not let me fill Rx
ahead of schedule.  Called Doc and wanted to be weaned off of it (addictive
drugs scare me).   I am having no success getting off of it.  Every other
night I end up with 3-4 hours sleep and the other nights I end up with 5-6
hours sleep.   This lack of sleep is taking its toll.  

Does anyone know of any medication that is not addictive that works?  
Bonnie Richardson
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