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RE: [IP] Re: Rick Fishman and discomfort

Rick wrote:

>>Thanks. The next time I change catheters I'll try it at less of an

Rick, I'd really like you to get more comfortable with those sets, so I'll
tell you one more point.  While I am not "thin" by no means, when I insert a
Tender above my waist, I have little fat in that area, so I pinch up the
skin (kinda like we used to do in the old days with shots) and I insert the
Tender practically straight horizontally.  I used to have a lot of problems
with pinching at the site and a Disetronic trainer told me I could be
inserting too deep and since I have limited fat in that area, it might be
causing the pinching.  She was the one who told me to insert the needle
almost parallel to the skin that is pulled up, and that's what I've tried
and I have much better success with those sites.  Good luck, let me know if
you find a solution, I sure hope my suggestions help you out.  :o)


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