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Re: [IP] Bad few days... wait, weeks..

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> Sherry Compton wrote:
> > I dread eating anymore.

   > having financial problems.

> > I go see my doctor (the endo with the great bedside manner who wants me
to hurry
> > and drop 25 pounds like yesterday) next week.  I'm sure I will get a
thumbs down.
> >
> > Thanks for letting me vent.  I guess it's the stress.  Plus, it's only
been 5 1/2
> > weeks since I started pumping.  Maybe I am expecting too much too soon.
> >
> > Feeling frustrated, tired, broke, and head-achy
> >
> > Hi Sherry,

Could have wrote this myself. I do believe stress plays a major part in our
control.  It seems in todays world where all we do is run we have no time to
enjoy. That's where we have to take time and count our blessings.  Give your
self more time your going through a lot of changes try and ttake lots of
deep breaths and tell yourself - I'm a Happy person I'm a Happy person-I
want and deserve to be a Happy person!who knows someday it may sink in! :o)

My biggest stress factor is my endo his bedside manner stinks too.  I
actually get so depressed after seeing him I go to bed for a whole day and
drag butt for about a week after.  Last time I was there his wife threw my
glucose meter in the trash and told my son I was their worse patient.
(looking back on it I can't believe I put up with that) Can't easily change
endos. either because I can't find any pump Dr.s close to home and don't
want to do the long drive esp in the winter.
However  I have taken a different outlook now-this site has educated me a
lot and I can thank myself for that. I'm not going to feel like it's me
that's doing something wrong-the reason I feel that way is because I don't
think I was given all the pieces from my endo. I will take control-and live
my life the way I want-which is to control my bs's and slowly but surely get
out of debt.  I figure if I stay focused and face these challenges head on I
can have peace of mind that I'm doing all I can do. My medical bills don't
help I still owe $1500.00 on my pump. Disetronic has been more than patient
I know there's no way I will ever be able to upgrade until my ole pump is
paid for. Paart of my frustration is that I allowed myself to feel that
noone understood and you know what they shouldn't have to it's my life not
theirs-I've searched my sould and I have a lot of growing up to do-slow but
sure I will.

Anyways just take it an hour at a time you can only do ONE thing at a
time-shut out the rest of the garbage and take baby steps. One thing good
about diabetes is that we have the rest of our lives to figue it out! :o)
You have a heavy load Sherry-I once read that a diabetic deserves to weear a
badge of courage and I believe that-soooo remember you are very brave!  Hope
everything improves for you. Enjoy the day you have been given. Carol T.

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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml