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[IP] Life and Stress

 SNIP>>>>Kentucky Sherry Said: I think if I quit my job I'd have a lot less
stress.  Anyone want to pay my
mortgage and support me while I decide what to do when I "grow up"?  A lump
donation would be appreciated.   : )  Sherry C. From the massive city of
Bowling Green, KY<<<<SNIP

Yes, STRESS can really mess up your bgs.  Your note before this one
describing your life at this time really got to me.  Been there and done
that and it played hell with my bgs.  I believe that was about the time I
began meditating, which gave me more relief than I can describe.  Two jobs
is beyond rough.  Is that your only solution?  Being single mother of two
teenagers, borderline low income, kids losing tennis shoes or winter coat,
groceries going into a bottomless pit, kids bringing all their friends home
and all the food in the fridge, to say nothing of the Kool-Aid, being gone,
but you gotta encourage them to bring their kids home, on and on and on.
That was 15 years ago, I survived so I have 3 bits of personal advice for

1)  Take some time to sit and breath (I locked the bathroom door and turned
the shower on for 15-20 minutes to ensure P&Q)
2)  Ask for help - moral, mental, friendship or financial if necessary
(Consumer Credit Counseling Service saved my ass - great folks) anywhere you
3) Develop your sense of humor. 
4)  Know that we are all here for you.  So, Rant and Rave anytime.  (Sorry,
no checks)

I got my BS degree at the age of 54 after going to night school for 12
years, after my kids were grown, have a great job, not in my degree area
though, and am truly a survivor.  After those years, I know I can get
through anything.  Remember what doesn't kill you really does make you
stronger...Hang in there and know we are sending you buckets of support and

Bonnie Richardson
Contracts Administrator
PH: 256-382-1188, X1141
FX: 256 382-1185

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