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Re: [IP] Fw: Diabetics. Rice Bran Saves Lives

In a message dated 9/27/00 10:06:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Well, high fiber intake would benefit Type 1's in the same way it
 benefits the general population -- sweeps your intestines clean, fills
 you up, and makes you REGULAR!!!!!  :) :) :)

Don't mean to rile anyone but here goes... Some foods high in fiber are 
thought helpful in decreasing bg peaks. I have never tried rice bran but I 
have tried to eat fiberous foods to keep bg in better range when I've had 
problems before the pump (I have type 1).

Foods with viscous fiber ( intact fiber - not finely ground cereal fiber. 
That's why 100% whole wheat is favored) slow digestion and are thought to 
result in lower bsugar response. That is why I remember hearing "eat your 
beans!!!!" all the time.

 I looked up rice bran in the book (Glucose Revolution) and it seems to be 
low on the glycemic index (19 per tablespoon / cup of cheerios has 74). Don't 
know how many tbsp need to fill you up but it is low. I 'm assuming it has 
viscous fiber because it is so low. Sounds like it might help with bg peaks 
because it is digested slowly. Would depend on how much you eat of course.

Anyway... my point is that high fiber (intact type of fiber) foods might help 
DMers who want to HELP lessen peaks with diet as well as meds. Plus it is 
pretty interesting to me how foods are digested to plan boluses. Or you need 
something quickly digested or digested later. For sports too I suppose. Would 
probably keep energy going. So it is only helpful (NOT A CURE) and there is 
even debate over how helpful it is. 

My pump has dropped my numbers far more than all the careful eating did, 
though I still find it interesting.

Beth (& Oscar)

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