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[IP] lows

Geez lows get old:-)
 44 Tuesday, 42 yesterday, 38 today... all between 5
and 6am.. 
 basals had been 0.9 and now (since last night) at the
am time period it's 0.7 but hasn't had any effect on
the am...YET...
 talk bout annoying! not sure that i want to lower it
anymore rather tahn wait... at least i know right now
I don't ahve the dawn phenomenon:-)
 I am on a new pump so that might help cause lows, but
I was having hte lows before, so flat out, it's
basals, but i've been lowering them for a change and
haven't seen it yet.. my basal total was 19.9 on the
Mm and now it's still higher on the D so I gotta check
into where th basals wrong, but I know it's not wrong
before 8am...
 As for bg on a new pump...with my endo I'm supposed
to transer my basas now On the MM to the Dand keep
good records for my next appt..
 Only prob is I know my basals know aren't totally
right, and now I'm seeing the effects even more.. IE<
higher 1 hr PP's and lower bgs a full 3 hrs after
 and then also, some high blocks periodically, which I
thought was from getting sick but my dad says might
just be from teh sudden coolness (weather)...
 Oh well, what's another month of basal testing?;-)
 Although I do think right now my liver isn't helping
with the lows..at least not teh early am lows..

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