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RE: [IP] Re: Rick Fishman's catheters

Thanks Natalie. I won't talk about the cat problems - I think everyone's
gotten to that one before I had a chance to <grin>.

What you wrote might be common knowledge to everyone else, but I really
thought that most pumpers had no problems (or very few) with catheters. I
pretty much hit all of your list items. I too try a location before actually
fully inserting the catheter. But sometimes it hurts on the test poke and
winds up going in fine and not hurting for a couple of days. Since I can
sometimes 'test-poke' 20 or 30 times and it looks like I'll never be able to
continue doing what I was doing before I had to change the catheter,
sometimes I just give up and fully insert it.

> I don't think there's ANYONE who has had NO problems with the
> catheters!!
> But I think we all learn little tricks as we go along that makes it
> easier.

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