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[IP] Hey, I inserted a sil!

Hi Group

Let me tell you, I finally got the courage today to insert a sil for the 
first time on my daughter, Eileen. She came home from school with her sofset 
and tape coming off at the sides, for the second time this week.

First set, I had to dispose of, as when I started inserting the introducer 
needle, her screaming was so high, and I, of course, with only half my eyes 
open and praying silently panicked and took it out immediately.

Second set went in nicely, asked her to close her eyes and did put a local 
anesthetic (spray) that a fellow pumper recommended. Didnīt scream this 
time, said it didnīt hurt! I do hope to have much more luck with sils than 
with sofsets. Doctorīs nurse called today and advised me to use deodorant on 
skin first, because she sweats a lot and this is the cause of the sofsets 
falling off. Other than this we kind of liked sofsets.

I do have one last question, though, with the sil, when you prime, you just 
prime the tubing and the connector needle, you canīt prime the whole thing 
like sofsets? In other words, we canīt see if insulin is coming out 
correctly through the cannula? I hope you can understand the question, canīt 
explain it any better.

I did find good use for the first set, removed the needle (of course) and 
stuck the darn thing on my belly. Will carry it around for a few days just 
to see how it feels and how long it will stick on me!

Thanks for all the advice, I love you people!
Eileenīs mom

By the way, didnīt use any tape underneath or on top, just to see how thing 
go, tapes are giving her itching. Thanks, Todd, for yr email.
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