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Re: [IP] Re: anesthesia advice

I've had neck surgery twice since I've had my pump.  Everything went great. 
The last time my blood suagr was a little higher than the first time, but 
once my husband was able to take control of the pump it came down. We left 
the pump on during both surgerys. The anethesiologist did keep my bg at a 
higher level during surgery thru the IV's. Would rather it be high than have 
a low. The surgeon knew how to turn the pump off if it became necessary. Once 
I was out of recovery and back in my room, my husband took over, giving 
boluses until the bg came back down. Neither time was the nurses allowed to 
mess with the pump or do anything other than checking my bg . During the 
first surgery the anethesiologist was able to keep my bg around 160 during 
surgery and recovery. The second time was a different one and it stayed high, 
around 300. I did have an insulin shot in the recovery room to try and get it 
down and after that my husband took over with the pump. It was great. I would 
be happy to talk with you more if you want to email me personally.   
email @ redacted 

Good luck with the surgery. 

Cindy Carter   
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