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[IP] Re:So Frustrated!!!!

Hello all
I am so sorry but need to vent to you.I have just about had it these days.I 
try so hard to figure things out maybe that is what I do wrong? Last week 
things were great well besides the many many lows.So did some basal testing 
to see where we needed to make some changes and then just when I see a 
pattern it all changes.Now this week the numbers are very very high like 
25.5,20.1 now that is a big change from 2.5,3.1.  I really dont know what to 
do or where to start. I feel by now we should have everything pretty much 
set proper but we get about a week or so of lows and great numbers then 
WHAM!!!! things just go crazy. I just dont know what is going on this is 
just like MDI was and it really stresses me out.I get up every night a 2am 
just to see what is going on or incase we need a high bolus like last night 
at 2am 25.5!!!!!Ok thanks for the venting maybe I will feel better.
                                        Thank you
                                        Lori Ryans Mom
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