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Re: [IP] 50 years

in 1960, at camp NYDA, a camp for diabetic children in upstate NY, i took 1
injection of nph daily.  there were, however, many  children taking two
injection daily, and a few three.  there have always been a small group of
diabetics  using regular only which very often requires an injection before each
meal as well as around 4 am.  quite tedious, and with only urine testing,
somewhat mysterious.  yet these patients felt better and had fewer sup rise
I tried this regimen in the mid 80's and found it too choppy, possibly because
by then , with human insulin's being more efficient and  producing lows that are
less symptomatic  i gave it up and went on the pump.

email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 9/26/00 10:54:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << Mary Jean,
>  I'm sorry to disagree with you, but I highly doubt your aunt has been on MDI
>  for almost 50 years. With the advent of NPH, and adding Regular to it (or
>  even Protamine Zinc insulin in latae '40s) shots were given once a day -
>  which I did for 33 years. Then, In '81 & '82 I took a giant step BACKWARDS
>  and reluctantly took 2 a day. I said I'd rather have one a week, or one a
>  month, NOT double my injections. lol  In the 50 years for me, I never was on
>  MDI (Multiple Daily Injections). [Michael, do you think you should remove me
>  from the 24,900 list since 50 years of single/double injections don't add up
>  to that?] >>
>     Jan: I am in the same boat. I started mdi in 76 or 77.That gives me365X
> 30 =10,950 + 77-97 = (2 per day) 14,600 97-00 (3+ per day) 3,285=28,835? That
> can't be right The whole thing gives me a pain in the A** .  Roger C
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