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Re: [IP] Re: anesthesia advice

> I could use some anesthesia advice too--if anyone has experience and
> would be willing to discuss it with me, you could email me
> privately.  I am having sinus surgery in a few weeks and will
> apparently be under general anesthesia. 

I have discussed this with a friend who is an anethesiologist. Most 
of those in his profession would like to see a diabetic patient with 
blood sugars higher than normal ( ~200 ) to avoid the possibility of 
a low during surgery due to the truma, whatever....) he is 
comfortable with pumping patients, but wants bg's up. Dealing with an 
emergency during surgery due to other problems is only further 
complicated by low bg's. You will not die from a mild high during 
surgery, a low on the other hand can be very dangerous. 

The most important person in the operating theater is the 
anethesiologist. This person is the one whose sole duty is to keep 
you alive. The surgeon is the repair person and he/she depends on the 
anethesiologist to keep you stable while the work gets done. If you 
plan surgery, TALK to the anesthesiologist first set up a meeting, 
discuss your diabetes and control issues, get comfortable with 
them just as you would with a new endo. If that comfort level is not 
there, get a different person to do this for you.

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