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[IP] That explains why my bg is 288!

I checked my bg about a half hour ago and was amazed to find that it was
288. I checked my pump's bolus log, and yes, I did bolus for breakfast
(I've been forgetting lately). I figured my hormones must be WAY out of
whack, was beginning to blame it on my cancer (even though that doesn't
make sense), and too much coffee. I bolused to bring it down, and decided
to postpone my plans for the day for a bit... 

I sat down to read and noticed that my earring was stuck inside the leg of
my pants. That's funny, I thought, I didn't put on earrings today... DUH!!!
The "earring" was the end of my silhouette tubing. I have been without
insulin for the last four hours. Sigh... I hope I'm not set up for a
rollercoaster ride now.

My pump works just fine... it's just the operator who is having trouble today.

Mary Jean

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