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[IP] RE: Fasting

I don't really want to start a 'religious' thread but it had been mentioned 
that many of us fast for various reasons (religious, culture, obtain good 
basal rate results, etc).

I am interested in how one deals with a long term fast with little or no food 
or drink.  I have found that I can be OK for the first 18-20 hours but at that 
point I have to lower my basal to about half of it's normal until end of fast.

I don't think this is due to my basals for that time of day being set wrong 
because it doesn't seem to matter whether fast in winter (which ends at around 
5:30) or summer (which could end close to 9:00).  I also don't have a problem 
if I eat a normal lunch and then skip dinner.

If anyone has attempted fasting please either write the list or write to me 
directly if you think this is too off topic.


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