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In a message dated 9/27/00 8:32:39 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  what tape is used on top 
of the site. The sil disconnects at the same base, no pig tail like to 
sofsets, so if I cover with tape, how will she connect/disconnect? >>

A lot of people find the sil with no other tape works fine.  I need to insert 
through tape, myself, but in most locations need none on top.  In places 
where it moves more, and when I'm going to be particularly active, I cut an 
IV3000 in half and place it just covering the part of the disconnect that 
stays attached to me.  I guess my next step if I had more problems would be 
putting the other half under the removable part of the disconnect, but just 
the one half has been adequate for me.

Linda Z

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