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[IP] Pumpers Group Meeting

I am absolutely SO JEALOUS of the NYC Support Group meeting !!   Only for a
lack of dollars will I not be there with you.   Please give Eric my very
best wishes.  He was with Home Medical Supply, and was the first person I
talked to about the pump (besides doc) and he gave me so much comfort and
insight.  Dealing with him and his company was pure pleasure...they made you
feel so special and so many of them were pumpers.   I hope he made megabucks
when MM bought him out.  I was sad to see him go and ordering has never been
as easy as it was then (MM takes 2 WEEKS to process an order! so now my end
of year order will be done on Dec 1).    Does his new company, Infusion
Specialities, do what he used to do?  If so, please share his number and I
will switch to his company. 

NEWS FLASH!   Just had to share....
In the unsophisticated, small minded town of Huntsville, Alabama, THREE
PUMPERS are having lunch this weekend.   I am so excited about actually
meeting someone from this list..Michelle and a Pumper friend of hers from
Decatur are having lunch Sunday.   I think I was the first Huntsville, AL
pumper on this list and now there are at least 3 of us.  I am calling the
Lady I got on the pump a couple of years ago to see if she will join us.

Maybe in another five to ten years Diabetes and diabetes related disease
will not be in the top five killers....... and maybe islet transplants will
be common and a real cure will be within reach!  

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