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[IP] Re: Rick Fishman's catheters

Rick Fishman wrote:
> Yes, I've tried the Tenders and the SoftSet both. I've had the same problems
> (bleeding/pain/trouble finding a good location without pain) on all.
> I envy those of you that have no problems with the catheters...

I don't think there's ANYONE who has had NO problems with the
But I think we all learn little tricks as we go along that makes it

Some of my own problems and solutions:

1. I am allergic to most tapes. The only one I'm NOT allergic to is
Hypafix, which is paper, not plastic, and therefore not transparent.
Fortunately, the Sils are made of Hypafix, with a round plastic window
to show the site.

2. Unfortunately, the Sils have an open hole where the little cannula
goes from the button into the skin. For me, this usually leads to pussy
infection by the 2nd or 3rd day. So I learned to cut a Tegaderm TO SHAPE
(see problem #1!), so that the Tegaderm covers the hole. but doesn't
touch my skin. 

3. If the needle is painful going in, it STAYS painful for the whole
duration. So I learned to poke gently with the needle before really
going in -- if it hurts with a poke, it will hurt permanently. But since
I haven't inserted it, I can change location, often by only a few
millimeters, to find a place that doesn't hurt. 

4. Often, a painful site (see #3) means that I have gone through a blood
vessel, and then, I can expect blood in the catheter, a bruise, and
blood in the window. But I avoid painful sites, so problem (mostly)

5. Sometimes the catheter crimps, or the tape comes up and I lose a site
for no reason I can think of. That's just the reality of pumping. It's
always wise to carry a spare set for such occasions if you're going to
be away from home more than an hour or two!

6. Sometimes I have weird BG patterns and highs or lows for no reason I
can think of. That's just the reality of diabetes!

I'm sure other people have other insights, but just cause you don't SEE
stuff on the list doesn't mean it isn't happening!

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