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RE: [IP] Re: Glucophage & pump

Barry W. Finch [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> but the reason, she said, was that a 
> condition can occur
> (apparently in type 1's) called "Lacticacidosis".  Unlike 
> ketoacidosis,
> which is easily treatable, there is no treatment for 
> lacticacidosis.

I don't know enough to comment about the combination of Glucophage and
insulin, but this seems very strange to me.  Lactic acidosis is the
condition that makes muscles hurt following anaerobic activity.  When we
exercise anaerobically, that is, the muscle cell energy use is greater than
the circulatory system's capacity to supply oxygen, the basic metabolic
chain switches to produce lactic acid instead of  carbon dioxide.  When the
lactic acid builds up in the muscles, they tire and we feel that as an ache.
After the exercise is over, the system reverses itself and the lactic acid
is ultimately purged from the muscle cells by being converted to carbon
dioxide and other sugar bases. This buildup is also known as oxygen debt.
IOW, the treatment for lactic acidosis is oxygen (that is, breathing).

Now maybe there's some aspect of lactic acidosis for which this is
different, but I'm having some difficulty envisioning how Glucophage would
be involved. Maybe it's time to go read the PDR . . .

Jim Handsfield
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