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[IP] Re: Glucophage & pump

Hello, All!

I haven't posted in awhile, but thought I'd throw my 2 cents in on this

I asked my Endo about taking Glucophage after reading a post from a pumper
who was doing so in order to lose weight.  Her (my Endo) response was
"Absolutely Not!".  I am no medical expert, but perhaps some of those who
are can comment, but the reason, she said, was that a condition can occur
(apparently in type 1's) called "Lacticacidosis".  Unlike ketoacidosis,
which is easily treatable, there is no treatment for lacticacidosis.   She
said there are other oral meds which were being investigated for use with
insulin resistant type I's, but I don't recall what they were.

In another glucophage related issue, I have a co-worker with a diabetic
husband.  He's been on insulin for 30+ years, and he started seing a new
doctor (internist, I suspect).  She took him off his insulin, and put him
on glucophage.  I told my coworker that I thought that was dangerous, and
he needed to find another doctor ASAP.  He was OK for a day or so, while
the NPH worked out of his system, but then, of course, his BG's went
through the roof, and he started taking his insulin again.  He is still
seeing this quack.

Just goes to show that there are lots of unqualified people treating
diabetes, and we all have to be wary.

Have a great day!

Barry "Bear"  W. Finch
Atlanta, GA, USA
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