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[IP] Anesthesia advice needed - ASAP

Good Morning,

I have not been posting (or even reading) much lately because a health issue
has kind of taken over here on the homefront...& now I could really use any
expertise, experience, or advice anyone out there might be willing to offer.
Last week at a doctor's visit I was given the surprise diagnosis of
pregnancy...& from what we could figure, it looked to be about fourteen
weeks along.  (The unexpectedness came partially from the fact that I still
had my periods, so I didn't suspect this to be the case.)  At any rate, we
went yesterday for an ultrasound, & got the bad news that intrauterine death
had appartently taken place - fetus about ten-week size, & no heartbeat - so
the doctor scheduled a D&C for tomorrow.  Since this is sudden, there will
not be a real opportunity to speak with the anesthesiologist in advance
about pumping, & I recall people saying on here that they'd had problems in
the past with anesthesiologists insisting on pump removal/glucose drip
scenarios.  I want to avoid a major conflict...enough to deal with here as
it is.  AND I'm between endocrinologists - don't see the new one until Nov.
1st - so I don't have an endo to give instructions as to "no pump removal".
Any good ideas on how best to handle this?  My husband will be going in with
me (to the hospital, probably not for the operation itself) & he is VERY
good at demanding my rights as need be...I just don't want it to be an ugly
issue if  I can help it.  Any advice here would be appreciated.  Today I am
to call & do the preregistering by phone for the procedure.  I'm just not
thinking too clearly yet...still a little numb.

Also, if anyone has had this kind of experience before & would be willing to
talk with me about it, I'd be very grateful.  I hadn't imagined anything
like this, so I don't really have a frame of reference to put it into.  If
you know of any websites or resources that might be helpful in dealing with
any aspect of this, I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank You,

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