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Re: [IP] Pump Placement


When I started on the pump earlier this year, I had the same
concern - I kept getting tangled up at night.  Some
suggestions that were given to me and that I've developed

1.  Use the long tubing as it gives you more ability to move
around without pulling on the site.
2.  Try a waist strap - I sleep on my stomach and adjust the
waist strap to put the pump on my back.
3.  Try a thigh strap - you might need to wind up some of
the tubing and put it in the pouch with the pump.
4.  There are lots of PJ's that have pockets - depending on
how deep the pocket is, you may want to put a bit of velcro
inside the pocket to hold it closed.
5.  Put the pump in a baby or small sock and hold it on your
sleep shorts with a safety pin.
6.  Use tape to take up the slack on the tubing so that it
doesn't get tangled.

Jockey, Calvin Kline and Tommy H. have both short and long
PJ's that are comfortable and have pockets that work well -
I use the right side pocket since I tend to sleep on my
stomach and left side more than the right side.

As several IP members advised, once I got used to the pump
being attached all night, it became pretty easy.   The only
two concerns are when I get up at night to use the bathroom
and the pump falls out of my pocket on the way...of course,
with more stable bg's at night, I don't get up as much..
Also, I'm still self conscious when it comes to

Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman

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