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[IP] Wet & Bloody Sils

Hola, I thought I'd ask the list b/f I called MM.  I switched to Sils a 
couple weeks ago and 4 times I've seen insulin and/or blood on the window and 
surrounding a little on the tape part.  Everything else seemed to be OK so I 
just left those in for the whole 3 days.

Then, I got a couple of whacked out bs in a row ('unexplained' I would say to 
the uninitiated).  I looked & the tape part was a little wet & bloody, so I 
changed it.  

A couple of days later (that's today), same thing-- whacked out high & the 
sticky part is wet & a little bloody around the window.  Is it leaking out 
the hole where I stick it in or what?  Please tell me if this is happening to 
anyone else & what you're doing about it.  Thanks in advance.

--Hillary (on the way down from 487. . .)
dx age 10
pumping 6/1/00
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