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Re: [IP] Re: New Disetronic Rapid????

On 26 Sep 2000, at 22:41, email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi Group!  I'm wondering if there has been a release date for the new 
> disconnectable rapid that is suppose to be coming out.  My Endo had a sample 
> last Thursday and I'm just wondering how soon they will be available to us.  
> Also, is it gonna be the same needle that stays in or a plastic cannula?!?!?  
> I had heard it was gonna be the plastic, but looking at his sample it looked 
> to be a needle and it was long.  I have my 7 yr. old daughter using the 
> shortest mm rapid.  Now I'm wondering the sizes it may come in.
> Thanks for any info you may have!!!

The latest "unofficial rumor" that has been "leaked" is that they are looking 
for a Thanksgiving release date on the new Ultraflex, but you had better 
count on these being in your Christmas stocking.  The Ultraflex is a vertical 
oriented teflon cannula, similar to the Sofset, but with a taper to the 
cannula which allows easier penetration and less susceptibility to kinking.  
Like the Sofset or Tenders/Sils/Comforts it will have an introducer needle 
which is removed after placement.  Also like the T/S/C's it will have a 
disconnect at the platform, not a "pig-tail" like a Sofset.  The adhesive 
patch will be of the same material as on the T/S/C's.  It will come in 8, 10 
and 12mm.

And there is still talk of the Rapids with disconnect being released.  They 
are currently available in Germany, but I don't know what agency is holding 
their release up in the States (FDA?).  Looking forward to their release also.


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