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[IP] Joslin Award and my aunt's pump

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who sent me information
last month about how to get the process started for my aunt's 50 year
Joslin award.  She got the packet and has it all filled out and ready to
send in. In the process, she discovered that her brother had their mother's
journal from that time, and he found a notation about her diagnosis. It was
officially on Jan. 2, 1951.

Also, SHE HAS HER PUMP!!  She is scheduled to do a saline trial in a few
weeks, and then will go "live" with insulin on Oct. 16. She is so excited.
When she called me today, she sounded like a kid at the circus. She's been
having a terrible time with extreme swings in her bg lately. Now, she can
see the light at the end of the tunnel. She took my advice and bought a
copy of "Pumping Insulin." She's been reading it in preparation. Just
think, she's had almost 50 years on MDI.... 

Mary Jean
dx 4/1990 IDDM
happily pumping since 1/1997

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