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[IP] Re: Thanks & Genevieve's (age 5) Hba1c's since pumping

Hi Everyone,
Genevieve (age 5) had her 3rd Hba1c last Monday since starting on the pump Jan 11, 2000.  We are thrilled with a 5.9!
(her prior 2 Hba1c's  were 5.4 and 6.5, respectively). This is all with very few lows!  Please bear in mind that
prior to pumping, her best Hba1c was an 8.7 with VERY-HUGE-MANY-(in Gen-speak)LOWS.
Gen's Ped-endo team has played a very large part of this (and we know how really very lucky we are), however, as a
member of this list, we have alot of people to thank here for "intellectual stock" gathered.  Although alot of the
info exchanged here is not about young kids pumping, it really does "stick" in my mind and gets applied...
(Mom to Gen age 5, dx'd @13 months, pumping Jan 2000, and
           James, age 9, non-d, so-happy-Gen's-pumping)

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