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Re: [IP] Pumps advertised

Laura Arns wrote:
> I understand your concern about being "tied" to something 24 hours a
> day. This was my husband Shane's biggest objection when he first
> considered the pump. However, he discovered, as most pumpers do, that
> this device actually freed him, instead of tying him down. 

That kinda reminds me of the phrase "confined to a wheelchair". When
someone is unable to walk, a wheelchair is a FREEING device, not a
confining one. 

It only LOOKS confining to people who don't understand that otherwise,
the person would pretty much be restricted to bed or a chair at home!

Same thing with the pump. If you're not diabetic, yeah, carrying around
a little machine, and having that THING stuck in your belly and taped
down might look uncomfortable and limiting, but if the only other option
is taking all those shots and having to carry around a kit with syringes
and insulin bottles, and NOT being able to be spontaneous, well then the
pump is downright dandy!

Sure, I'd rather not have diabetes at all (still struggling with that
one), but if I HAVE to deal with it, I'd rather have the pump any day!

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