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Re: emotional or medical relief? (was Re: [IP] Pumpsadvertised)


Sam Skopp wrote:
> At 02:43 PM 09/26/00 Jim S. wrote:
>  >I'm embarking on an attempt to verbalize why I think there is so much
>  >energy in the pump being the "right answer"... I think it has a lot less
>  >to do with the pump itself that the emotional relief.
> Most of us have a personal investment in the pump. We've have done this
> because we've convinced the doctor to support us, fought the insurance
> companies and worked with families to explain why we're doing this.
> Therefore, we naturally want to rationalize our decision. No-one wants to
> feel like they made a mistake after going through all this. Not that the
> decision to pump was necessarily wrong, but this just adds a strong
> emotional component to the mix.

I personally didn't have much of a personal investment nor did I have
any major difficulties (other than placing an infusion set, hasn't
really changed)or learning curve when I started pumping...

The first time that I looked at pumping was in the mid to late 80's and
was turned off completely... Not because of the pump but rather the
presentations (went to several)... I had a very difficult time hearing
"you can't do ______ unless you are using a pump" about things that I
was successfully doing on MDI.  I made the mistake of asking for a
little more specifics (in a group setting) about the "can'ts". Though I
had been recognized, my question was completely ignored... My "reality"
was not even acknowledged and that gave me doubt about "the truth" of
the rest of the presentation...

Second reason that I said no was that I was unwilling to pay "that much"
(20%) to find out if I would be comfortable with it. At the time "they"
weren't willing to provide demo/loaner pumps.... Buy to try, I don't
think so....

Third reason, being single without a "regular" partner....

When I mentioned it to my doctor (HMO), he said OK this is what it will
cost you...  When the HMO decided to provide pumps (temporarily) to all
type Is he called and told me $0... At that price I was willing to take
the risk of not liking the pump.   

> Of course I'm NOT saying that the pump isn't worth it, because I love my
> pump and the freedom in gives me. But it was my own decision to go with the
> pump and therefore I have a certain emotional commitment to it.

Thanks for the reply. 
> Sam

I too made the decision to use a pump...Along with a decision to bolus
using a syringe, the single "tool" was not adequate for me... My
personal commitment is to do the best that I can to take care of

I'd say that choosing to use a pump is much more subjective than is
usually stated.

Jim S.
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