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[IP] pump vs. MDI

RE:  V4#511.  The subject: which is better for the individual,  pump or 
MDI?  The pump requires constant  thought and action, especially if you 
have lost low-blood sugar awareness, as I have. When on MDI, if you go 
astray with diet, you do know that the bs will go high.  However, you do 
have the long-lasting insulin to cover you, to some degree. With the pump, 
you have nothing to cover you. You must have the full awareness of your 
situation. If the tube gets separated from the needle, you may not know of 
this for a time. Then, when you test you see numbers you rarely saw 
before--350 - 400. I have type 1 diabetes for 41 years with minor 
complications. I was always careful, too careful. Subsequently, I had many 
low blood sugar episodes, one which was almost fatal. However, my A1cs were 
usually excellent. Now that I am on the pump (six months), I have the 
confidence that my blood-sugar will not go so low as to cause me a problem; 
however, I also know that my A1c tests are not as good as before. What to 
do:  I am waiting for the new insulin--Lantus--to be put on the market or 
until my friend in Germany can mail it to me (it is sold and used widely 
there).  Then, to protect myself from high blood sugars for not bolusing 
enough or from detachment accidents, I will take a few units of Lantus at 
night. I will still use the pump because of the fact that one may go 
without eating---a real treat for me.

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