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[IP] RE: Glucophage with a pump?

Natalie A. Sera wrote:

> If I were you, I would be very cautious about going on Glucophage until
> and unless there were a clear-cut reason for doing so.

I agree.  Glucophage inhibits gluconeogenisis and I don't think that's a
good idea in type 1s.  I might not even be convinced to take it if I were an
insulin-using type 2.  If my bG is going low I want the assurance that my
liver will assist in getting me out of an emergency situation.  I voiced
this concern with a PCP acquaintance of mine who prescribed Glucophage for a
type 1 patient and, I infer, does so routinely.  He said that he learned
this at a seminar.  My endo was the speaker at the seminar so when I saw my
endo I asked his opinion.  He said he prescribed it once for a patient,
temporarily for a particular reason, and he would not prescribe it routinely
for type 1s.  He said the PCP misunderstood the discussion.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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